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Upcoming Workshop in 2016


"Journey of Life with Effort Dynamics"
Focusing on Laban Movement Study -
Supported by a creative consultant Ellen Goldman,

Senior Faculty of Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies,LIMS®

When: Tuesday, May 3rd at 4-6pm (studio #9)
            Thursday, May 5th at 4-6pm (studio #7)
Where: Dany Studios, Joyce Theater Foundation
               350W 38th Street, New york,NY 10018
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“Journey of Life with Effort Dynamics”

Through Laban Movement Study

'The study of movement deals with the spatial order of the paths which the limbs make in the kinesphere, and also with the connection between outer movement and the mover's inner attitude. This attitude is not only shown in the choice of a certain path or the employment of a certain limb, but is also characterized by the choice of dynamic stresses'

- Rudolf Laban

First annual Laban workshop by Noree Performing Arts


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 at 4pm-6pm  

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at 4pm-6pm



DANY Studios, Joyce Theater Foundation

350 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018



Eun Sung Lee & Sook Kim, founding members of Noree Performing Arts and supported by a creative consultant Ellen Goldman, senior faculty of LIMS



$10 per class


Directed by LIMS® CMA instructors, the "Journey of life with effort dynamics" workshop will enable you to identify personal Effort tendency through self-discovering. The workshop encourages participants to explore, reinforce and challenge your movement qualities to expand Effort spectrums for expressing Effort life. Through drawing, storytelling and writing, and other techniques, this workshop will give you a chance to bring your story to life and share it with others.


In addition, Noree will perform “Journey of Life with Effort Dynamic” in the upcoming Noree’s annual performance (“Ga-mu”) on Friday, May 27th. We are also happy to announce that participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to collaborate and perform the piece with us!

While this workshop will be focused in Laban movement analysis, all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome (no previous experience is necessary) so sign up in advance or just drop in!


For additional information or reserve your space call or email

Eun Sung Lee, CMA, Artist director of NOREE Performing Arts





Faculty Overview



Eun Sung Lee: Eun Sung Lee is a Certified Movement Analyst and internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer. Trained in ballet, modern, and Korean traditional dance, Ms. Lee’s unique fusion of styles in her figurative dance expressions allows her to replicate tangible emotions. Eun Sung Lee is a dedicated educator, having taught in Korea, Japan, and New York.

Ms. Lee attended the Doctoral program in Performing Arts at Ochanomizu National Women’s University in Tokyo, Japan, where she also received her Master of Dance. Ms. Lee has worked as a dancer and choreographer of NARU KCP ARTS since 2009. Ms. Lee is currently the artistic director and choreographer for the Noree Performing Arts in New York City. She is involved in Korean dance and body movements education program for the senior citizens in Queens.



Sook Kim: Sook Kim is a Certified Movement Analyst and one of the founding members of Noree Performing Arts. Ms. Kim is a choreographer and performer and educator of traditional and contemporary Korean dance in both Korea and United States since 1998. Sook focuses on analyzing Korean dance through Laban movement analysis and has been actively choreographing and performing new movement possibilities through active interaction with dance movements of various cultures. In addition to her role at Noree, Sook serves as a faculty of the Yearlong Certificate Programs in Laban Movement Analysis since 2009. She completed coursework in Sports Sociology at Seoul National University and is currently preparing her PhD thesis. She also graduated with a MA and BA in Korean Dance at Ewha Woman’s University and MFA in Dance Education at Steinhardt at New York University.



Ellen Goldman: A Certified Movement Analyst, originally, a dancer and choreographer, Ellen helped found New York’s respected Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, and continues to teach in the Year-Long Certification Program. She is a practitioner and trainer of the internationally recognized Action Profiling® System of management assessment, and is certified in the Kestenberg Movement Profile. She is author of AS OTHERS SEE US, Body Movement and the Art of Successful Communication. She has also published THE GEOMETRY OF MOVEMENT, Part 1: The Defense Scale, Part 2: The Axis Scales, with DVD, The Joy of Phrase-writing, and A Walk in Acadia; relating Spatial Tension to the environment.   

In 2008, Ellen received the IRMY Award for participation in LIMS® Yearlong Certification Program curriculum and methodology. Ellen has returned to choreography collaborating with Sook Kim and Eun Sung Lee on two pieces; Jitterbug Live, and A Lost Passage, both developing Laban movement concept.

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