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The Playscape is an annual performing series designed to serve as a venue in which artists of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds meet to collaborate and share their artistic visions.
The Playscape exemplifies Noree Performing Arts’s mission of establishing cultural, artistic, and educational exchanges with its community.
Noree Performing Arts invites its audiences to look into the insights, expressions, and interpretations of the artists who reside with them in the same time and space—today’s New York City.


The Korean people use the word Ga-Mu to refer to both song (Ga) and dance (Mu). The Korean folk culture has always treated music and dance as inseparable from each other, as a unified form of arts.
The idea of the integration of music and dance that is embedded in the word Ga-Mu aligns closely with Noree's mission, which is to create works that combine the elements of both dance and music and to communicate with the audience through such total art works.
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